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Total Care Wealth Management Group is here to help you with all the wealth management you are going to need. We are providing the following core services to our client base because, to us, their Money Matters!


Services with Strategy

This is a core branch in the financial services sector that deals with the investment of affluent clients. We will bring to you special advisory services that include the needs of investment management of clients through our Wealth Management expertise.

We specialize in financial services and financial planning that includes:

– estate planning
– retail banking services
– legal and tax services
– investment management services

From family members, friends or a favorite charity, the financial gift of life insurance can provide the financial means for those you leave behind to pursue their dreams. Caring for a
dependent, college education, retirement security and financial stability are a few examples of why many clients purchase life insurance.

Life insurance is a contract between you and the company, where in exchange for a premium, the company pays the contractually agreed upon death benefit to your designated beneficiary or beneficiaries.  If you have multiple beneficiaries, you can allocate a percentage of the lump sum to each.

Life insurance can be more than just a death benefit – you may find these features in some plans:

– Builds cash value (tax-deferred)
– Level premium that doesn’t change as you age
– Borrow against the accrued cash value
– Added protection through “riders” that may include Guaranteed Insurability, Return of Premium, Long Term Care, etc.

We offer a wide variety of life insurance including:

– Individual (Term and Whole Life)
– Mortgage Protection
– Group
– Business – such as Second-To-Die or Key Person


When retirement can last for 30 years or more, having a retirement plan is essential.  At Total Care Wealth Management Group, our dedicated team is here to help maximize your dollars today to guide you towards a financially secure path to tomorrow’s retirement. 

While individuals may be interested in the tax distinctions between Traditional and Roth IRAs, business owners may be interested in how retirement plans can be designed to attract and keep key-employees. 

Total Care Wealth Management Group specializes in:

  • Defined Contribution Plans (401k, 401k Rollovers, 403b, 457)
  • Individual Retirement Accounts (Roth IRA, Traditional IRA, Spousal IRA, SEP IRA)
  • Nonqualified Deferred Contribution Plans for those with higher incomes
  • Annuities – many contracts with “rider” options to add features such as:  Guaranteed Withdrawal Benefit, Lifetime Income Benefit, Death Benefit, Long-Term Care and more.

Total Care Wealth Management Group has the retirement planning expertise you can count on so that you can build wealth to maintain your standard of living into retirement for years to come.