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3 Pillars of Retirement Happiness

Money. It’s simple. People with money in retirement tend to be happier than those without. It’s never too late to make saving a priority. Sooner is better than later.

Health. If you’re not healthy, money likely won’t help you enjoy your retirement. If you’re not exercising four or five times a week; if you’re carrying more weight than you know you should; if you’re consuming more calories than your exercise is burning, change now or realize that you won’t like the outcome later.

Social well-being. Your relationship with your spouse, your significant other and your network of friends is one of the strongest predictors of your retirement happiness.

All three pillars require putting effort in today to get something of greater value in the future. You may easily understand that concept with saving money, but it’s the same with health and social relationships. Eating right, monitoring your weight and exercising may likely deliver great rewards for your future. Quality time and finding common interests with a spouse or friends doesn’t just happen without thoughtful intention. If all your social interaction is at your place of employment, it’s not enough. Nurture some outside relationships that you will continue to embrace past employment.

If you want to maximize your happiness, decide now to start making an effort into each of the three pillars. The payoff is likely to be significant.  `   

Source: The Street, April 2019, Robert Powell, What Makes People Truly Happy in Retirement?